LipidRescue™ Therapy

Origins of LRT

In 1998, Dr. Weinberg began working on the metabolic effects of local anesthetics and discovered that an infusion of lipid emulsion could protect against and correct local anesthetic cardiac toxicity.

In 2006, the first case of successful treatment using LipidRescue™ Therapy was published. Immediately thereafter, Dr. Weinberg began the website, which houses a repository of over 300 reported cases where LipidRescue Therapy was used successfully.

Peer-Reviewed Research & Clinical Studies

LRT is a repurposing of certain lipid emulsion products that are regulatorily approved as parenteral nutritional supplements.  Today, LRT is used around the world to treat LAST without regulatory approval on an off-label basis.  In 2015 the American Heart Association’s Advance Cardiovascular Life Support protocol listed LRT as the standard of care for the treatment of LAST.  ResQ Pharma was created to ensure reliable, global use of LRT by attaining regulatory approval.

In 2006, Guy Weinberg, MD started the website with the twin goals of informing practitioners about the use of LipidRescue Therapy (LRT) and saving lives without concern to financial benefit. The site currently fields thousands of visits each month from physicians and nurses seeking to share experiences and improve their knowledge about local systemic anesthetic toxicity and the lifesaving therapy of LRT.

There is clear demand among practitioners around the world for an LRT product that will ensure safe, rapid and consistent application more economically. The various off-label products are not purpose-designed and are not suitable for emergency use.

The intellectual property around LRT was initially owned by the University of Illinois as the employer Dr. Weinberg.  In 2015, ResQ Pharma acquired the intellectual property.

ResQ Pharma Receives FDA Orphan Drug Designation for LipidRescue™ Therapy for the Treatment of Local Anesthetic Systemic Toxicity

ResQ Pharma Receives FDA’s ODD status for LipidRescue Therapy (LRT) for LAST and on track to file NDA in first half of 2018

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ResQ Pharma’s CEO, Paul Burton to Present at Biotech Showcase

Paul Burton, the CEO of ResQ Pharma, Inc., a biopharmaceutical company focused on commercializing LipidRescue™ Therapy (LRT), which is a treatment for various drug overdoses and poisonings is scheduled to present at Biotech Showcase as part of the J.P. Morgan 35th Annual Healthcare Conference Week in San Francisco.

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ResQ Pharma Raises $725,000

ResQ Pharma, Inc., a biopharmaceutical company focused on commercializing LipidRescue™ Therapy (LRT), which is a treatment for various drug overdoses and poisonings, announces the completion of a second seed-round of equity financing of $725,000.00.

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Guy Weinberg Presents at EAPCCT

ResQ Pharma, Inc., a biopharmaceutical company focused on ensuring reliable, global use of LipidRescue™ Therapy (LRT), a treatment for various lipophilic drug overdoses & poisonings, today announced that Guy Weinberg, M.D., its co-founder and inventor of LRT will be presenting this Friday, May 27th at the Congress Of The European Association Of Poisons Centres And Clinical Toxicologists

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